FHC 7515 A Cable Cutter - Cable Stripper

Kablo Kesme, Uç Açma Makinesi

Model HC-515A
Sizes of the machine B452mm*E380mm*Y435mm
Weight 30kg
Power Input 220V
Power consumption (220V) 400W
Cutting length 0.1mm–99999.99mm
Cutting tolerances ±( 0.1+0.0005×L )
Abrasion sizes 0.5mm–30mm
Applicable wires PVC and Teflon, 1017
Ölçü 3 mm2 (AWG13–AWG28)
Wire feed speed Variable
Conduit diameter 1-5mm
Driver supply  Four wheel movement, section seperated for drivers
Productivity ( pcs / min ) 80 pcs / minute


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